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A quick look at Our Rules.
The 2016 registration form can be found here.
The shirt order form can be found here.

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2016 Competition Information

For schedule and competitor list information related to the games this season (Red Deer, Ellerslie, Fort Edmonton, and Okotoks), please see our Facebook page. I try to send out an information email at least a week before the games but sometimes life gets busy! For the location of the games, please visit the individual games websites.

2016 Registration

The 2016 registration is now available! Please note the registration deadlines in the form for the games. Also something to note is that Fort Edmonton will now be split into two days. Men's Open and Women will compete on the Saturday and the Men's Am B and Masters will compete on the Sunday. As with last year, Calgary will be running their own registration, so please visit their website for more information on how to register for that one! See you on the field!

- Megan

Welcome to a new year!

Happy 2016! I'm slowly updating competition dates as I see the websites update. If you see something that is incorrect, please let me know! Registration form isn't out yet. I will have it ready for April. Hope you're all having a great off season!

- Megan

Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Ellerslie & Fort Ed Updated

I've already received some registration forms and have updated the pages for them with the competitor lists. Head over to the results section and take a look to make sure your name is on the list! Kyle will be putting in the shirt order for GP by mid-April, so if you want a shirt, get your registration form in before that date. Calgary will have an online registration form this year that will be posted in August, most likely. We'll keep you posted on any information we get.

Start of a new Season!

Hi all! The 2015 registration form is posted and it looks a little different. First thing you'll notice is that Okotoks and Calgary no longer show up on the list of competitions that you can register for through the ASAA. That's because these games have grown enough that they can now manage their own registrations. We'll post information on those games and give you a link to their registration forms as soon as we get them. Second thing you'll notice is the lack of a membership price. We're trying to move away from that, so it's a $20/game fee. Please make sure you are aware of the entry deadlines! If we receive a registration form that is post-marked after the deadline, you might not get to throw depending on the size of the class you're looking to compete in.

We will be selling shirts seperately, so if you'd like another shirt to help fill out your closet, check out the order form at the top of the page or buy them at the games. If you fill out the order form, you can pick up your shirt at the games. Sizes are available only while the supply lasts! Filling out a form and sending it in reserves the shirt for you, if it is available.

Lastly, there is a new competition that will be held in Saskatoon this year on September 12th. Big congrats to Jesse Cann for getting this off the ground. They don't have a web page yet but they have a Facebook page: Saskatoon Celtic Events.

If I've left anything out, email your questions to the heavyevents email that can be found on the "Competitions" page. As I receive registration forms, I will update the competitors list and provide a link to the appropriate games page in the "Results" section.

Happy 2014

Hope everyone who attended and threw had a great time! Hope to see you all out next year. I should have the registration form up in March 2015 once I've confirmed games dates. To make things easier next year, we will NOT be doing on-field registrations. That means, if you want to compete, you need to have your registration form and money in before the deadline. I will be sending an email out to everyone next year to let you know the registration form is out. All deadlines will be on the form.

Have a great winter!

- Megan

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